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4GB Waterproof HD Spy Watch DVR

4GB Waterproof HD Spy Watch DVR

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Quick Overview

Introducing the Latest & Very First Waterproof HD SPY WATCH DVR!

This sporty and stylish watch makes spying even easier with its amazing hidden features.

With just a simple press of a button you can record high-definition video, take high quality photos and even record high quality audio. Videos are time and date stamped, a must have feature for any video evidence!

The perfect gift for any Gadget Freak or James Bond enthusiast. Also an essential utility that may be used in business, security, media or simply just for fun.

hd spy watch
Main Features
-> Video Recording
-> Voice Recording
-> Photo Capture
-> PC Web Camera
-> Storage Device

Additional cool features we thought we should mention are:

Status led; whilst thinking a flashing led on the watch face would defeat the purpose of being discreet, the cool thing is that the led actually goes out after five seconds and continues to record! Simply press a button to bring the led back on when you want to check the status.

Video Recording; how do you position the watch to record the video the correct way up we hear you ask? well..if you have your arms crossed or folded (arm wearing watch on top) with the 12 o'clock facing the ground, you will have your spy video recording with everything the right way up! no need to turn your pc monitor upside down...clever stuff!

Manufacturers Specification
- Video Format: AVI
- Video Encoding: M-JPEG
- Video Resolution: 1280x960
- Video Frame Rate: upto 30 FPS
- Photo Format: JPG
- Photo Resolution: 3264 x 2448
- Image Ratio: 4:3
- Audio Format: WAV
- Interface Type: USB
- Storage Capacity: 4GB Nand Flash
- Battery Type: High Capacity Lithium Polymer
- Working Time: 90 Minutes
- OS Support: Windows / MAC / Linux
- Warranty: 1 Year

Package Contents
- 4GB Waterproof HD Spy Watch DVR
- USB Transfer/Charging Cable
- User Manual
- CD Rom

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  1. Excellent product Review by Duncan

    So far so good! I wear the watch every day. Had it for a couple of weeks now and it seems durable, nothing has broken or fallen off. I use the video/voice recorder functions often in the course of my job (debt collection agent) to protect myself from false allegations and to ensure that all my customer transactions are done legally and properly. So far the watch has been 100% reliable in recording, downloads and playback. It's also a decent watch, keeping good time so far. I have seen this watch for sale elsewhere on the internet for over £350!!! (Posted on 19/11/2011)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do i set the time and date?

You will require the time.txt (notepad) file found on the CD supplied with the spy watch,
alternatively it can found on our downloads section of this product page.

The time.txt file will have the time and date string already saved in this format:

2009.01.01 12.01.01 Y
Year.Month.Day Hour.Minute.Seconds

please note: each number is separated by a full stop and there must be a space between the date and time. If you wish to remove the date and time display from video recordings and photos then you must change the Y flag after the time to a N.

(1) Edit the time.txt file to display the current date and time and then save it to your computer desktop.
(2) Connect the spy watch to your computer, copy the time.txt file to the main folder also known as root directory.
(3) Carefully disconnect the spy watch by selecting: "Safely Remove Hardware" which can be found on the bottom right hand taskbar.
Once the watch is disconnected from the computer, turn it on and record a short video.

The HD SPY WATCH internal clock has now been set which will be correct each and everytime unless the battery is completely drained.

What will happen if the battery is low while recording a video, will it be lost?

No, the video will always be saved before the spy watch switches off when the battery is low.

What do the status led colours represent?

When the spy watch is switched on by pressing the top right button for 2-3 seconds a blue light will be displayed whilst the camera initializes and then will be red which is the video recording stand by mode.

When recording video it will flash red for five seconds and then continue recording with no flashing light.

To change mode from Video, Photo and Audio press the bottom right button to select the desired mode.