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E-Lites E80 E-Cigarette Starter Kit (RED)

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E-Lites E80 E-Cigarette Starter Kit (RED)

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Quick Overview

Introducing the all NEW G9 Diamond Core E-Lites!

Enhancing the already known benefits of E-lites the new G9 E-80 with Diamond Core Technology really takes the 'smoking' experience well into the 21st Century!

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E-Lites are the UK's No.1 Electronic 'smoking' products with the most authentic flavour, greatest vapour and best value 'smoke for smoke'. With distribution all over the world and voted as the UK's BEST E-CIG 2010 (HOST Magazine) you can feel assured you have made the right choice of E-Cig! Give a loved one that is a smoker the BEST POSSIBLE GIFT OF 2011!

How do the E-Lites Electronic Cigarettes work?
As you inhale on the E-Lites cartridge, the liquid nicotine is drawn into the atomizing chamber where it is heated and turned into a vapour. This vapour delivers the measured amount of nicotine to your body in exactly the same way as a cigarette, satisfying your cravings.

- A battery with LED
- An atomization chamber
- A microchip regulator & indicator
- The nicotine cartridge

You literally 'smoke' E-Lites as you would a normal cigarette, but feel safe in the knowledge that it contains no tobacco, no tar, no carcinogens and no harmful chemicals.

The only difference you will notice is that the vapour does not smell like a cigarette – so neither will you.

The tobacco smoking ban imposed nationally in 2007 states 'The carrying or possessing of lit tobacco in a public place' is forbidden. As E-Lites are not lit and do not contain tobacco they are completely legal to use anywhere.

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E-Lites are the finest quality Electronic Cigarettes available in the UK today, utilising the latest 2010 technology

E-Lites Electronic Cigarettes give you a real smoking satisfaction but without the harmful or anti-social side effects of a traditional cigarette.

E-Lites Electronic Cigarettes and Electronic Cigars contain no tobacco, no tar, no carcinogens, no chemicals and are not flammable.

E-Lites are a UK-based Electronic Cigarette company, providing you with a carefully considered range of Electronic Cigarettes and Electronic Cigars tailored for the British market.

E-Lites E-tips contains around 35-40 traditional cigarettes worth of nicotine, but you can make a e-tip last a lot longer by only smoking a few inhalations as and when you require. You will know when the e-tip needs replacing when the vapour reduces significantly. Simply pull the old e-tip off, and replace it with a new E-Lites E-Tip. The LED illuminates as you inhale, indicating the battery strength.

The rechargeable battery will last for the equivalent of 15-20 traditional cigarettes before needing re-charging, and the E-Lites Cigar will last an amazing 1800-2000 inhalations which is the equivalent of more than 120 traditional cigarettes. The LED will also flash repeatedly to indicate low power.

The E-Lites battery supplies a constant level of power throughout the smoking experience, ensuring the user only needs to ‘draw’ gently on the cartridge for best results. Our intelligent microchip regulates the delivery rate and ensures you always receive a perfect smoke. Batteries are consumable items and will need to be replaced every couple of months, but they are very inexpensive and are helping you to save many times more than buying tobacco cigarettes.

One of the many wonderful aspects to E-Lites is that you can have a few puffs then put it back into your packet instead of wasting a whole cigarette, and littering the streets with a cigarette butt.

Unlike other electronic smoking devices, the E-Lites electronic cigarette produces a substantial amount of smooth, tobacco tasting 'smoke', satisfying your desires. The quality feel of an E-Lites cigarette or cigar is in itself an experience, with careful weight balancing and dimensions tailored to create an overall experience of luxury and quality.

Why E-Lites?e-lites
-> Economical - 75% Cheaper Than Traditional Cigarettes!
Smoking an E-Lites electronic cigarette will save you a lot of money, the financial benefits are huge. If you smoke 20 a day you would save approximately £1500 a year by converting to E-Lites!

-> No Tobacco, No Harmful Chemicals, No Tar!
E-Lites emulate the physiological and psychological process of smoking, yet contain NO Tobacco, NO Tar & NO Harmful Carcinogens.

E-Lites are available in different strengths so that you can continue to 'smoke' in your usual and familiar fashion but in a less harmful manner. We also provide refills in Menthol flavour.

E-Lites don't give you Smokers Breath, one of the more personal but important benefits of being an E-Lights 'smoker'.

-> Legal - 'Smoke' Anywhere!
E-Lites have NO TOBACCO and are never LIT in any way - Thus entirely avoiding ALL smoking restrictions.

E-Lites allow you to completely circumvent the smoking ban & provide you with a legal & familiar way to satisfy the nicotine craving.

The E-lites are Guaranteed to replicate the smoking experience authentically. With E-Lites you get plenty of "smoke" and a delicious, sumptuous & smooth cigarette taste.

-> Quality Assurance & International Warranty
E-Lites products are rigorously tested and subjected to both Quality Control & CE Assessment.
E-Lites have all relevant Safety Certificates (CE & RoHS) making them legal to sell & use in the UK, USA & EU.

What benefits are there from the E-Lites Electronic Cigarettes?
Electronic cigarettes are a revolution. By 'vaping' an E-Lite electronic cigarette you are satisfying your nicotine craving without the harmful tar, without tobacco, without the carcinogens and without the 4000 other unnecessary chemicals found in a traditional tobacco cigarette.

There are many obvious benefits to 'vaping' instead of smoking, but each individual has different goals and wants to get away from tobacco cigarettes for their own reasons. Whatever your reasons are, the cost saving or the freedom to 'smoke' wherever you choose, E-Lites fits the bill.

E-Lites have a long-standing history in the electronic cigarette industry.

It is a big decision choosing the right E-Cigarette. The E-Lites E80 are financially accessible for all to experience and taste the satisfying sensation of an UK's No1 Electronic Cigarette. Buy an E-Lite today and start your new E-Lites lifestyle.

Completely Legal. Smoke E-Lites Anywhere - FACT

E-Lites Electronic Cigarettes have NO TOBACCO and are never LIT in any way - thus entirely avoiding ALL smoking restrictions. E-Lites E-Cigarettes provide you with a legal and familiar way to satisfy the nicotine craving.

The E-Lites E-Cigarette products are guaranteed to provide enjoyment more authentically than any other electronic cigarette. With E-Lites electronic cigarettes you get plenty of "smoke" and a delicious, smooth cigarette taste.

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