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Product Reviews & Testimonials

GadgetFreakz Reviews and Testimonials

Read a selection of genuine product reviews & testimonials from our customers at
We trust these will help you make an informed decision when choosing us to purchase your gadgets.

Onda Vi40
ONDA Vi40 Elite | Android 4.0 - 9.7" IPS Tablet

Excellent tablet and service
For the price this tablet is excellent, fast and responsive and the display is incredible and the aftersales service i can only describe as superb.

Product Review (submitted: May 11th 2012) by James

Ainol Novo 7 Aurora
Ainol Novo 7 Aurora | Android 4.0 - 7" Tablet

This device is just superb! I was looking to replace my old Archo 704 wifi which I mainly use for media - video and audio. The Ainol is just what i need and at the right price. I will order a 32G card to allow more hi res video files.

Product Review (submitted: May 9th 2012) by Los Almendro

Ainol Novo 7 Aurora
Ainol Novo 7 Aurora | Android 4.0 - 7" Tablet

Highly Recommended
I have waited for this tablet to come back in stock and let me tell you it was well worth the wait. I cannot fault the service in anyway, the emails telling me it was to be back in stock and as soon as it was I was like a greyhound out of the traps ordering it. It arrived in 2 days as the order was after the cut off time and this was easily monitored on line and an eta was given. The tablet was set up with the latest systems and the pre-installed software which saved me time in downloading it myself which was very well appreciated. The screen quality is very sharp and very responsive. I had a couple of questions for the help team and these were answered quickly and very courteously. I can highly recommend this a great piece of kit and an excellent customer service. Well done all of you.

Product Review (submitted: May 4th 2012) by ColinD

Ainol Novo 7 ELF
Ainol Novo 7 Elf | Android 4.0 - 7" Tablet

Great tablet & top notch service
Ordered the Elf (for my nephew, seriously thinking of getting one for myself too) on Sunday night, recieved it wednesday in perfect condition.

The tablet itself is a lovely piece of kit. Far more sturdy and well built than I expected, it feels great in the hand. I've never used an android tab before and it was simple and elegant to use. Kudos must go to GadgetFreakz here too, their tweaking of the system to have it run so smoothly out of the box is wonderful. The screen (i know this one is considered inferior to the Aurora) is more than adequate and 1080p video is smooth and detailed. The screen interface is quite quick too, no lag that i could see. Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja all run smoothly.

Haven't had time to try everything yet, but simple stuff like connecting wi-fi etc is a breeze.

My only qualm straight out of the box is the charger which seems a little flimsy and the adaptor provided (kudos again to GF for having this covered) feels a little lightweight. I'm sure they are both fine but its the only thing even slightly bad I can say, I even feel bad saying it :).

In conclusion, so far I'm more than happy. After reading about some peoples experience ordering straight from China I'm more than glad I went the extra expense ordering from GF just for service, ease of use straight out the box and piece of mind if anything does go wrong.

Well played GF.

Product Review (submitted: April 18th 2012) by Paul

Onda Vi40
ONDA Vi40 Elite | Android 4.0 - 9.7" IPS Tablet

Excellent Product and 1 Very Happy Customer
The team at GadgetFreakz have been brilliant.
I bought the Onda Vi40 Elite and Ainol Novo Elf, both products were collectible from a local outlet. I found the sales team more than approachable and answered all of my tedious questions with laughter and happiness. The products themselves are of high quality workmanship and come complete with the Gadget Freak touch of uniqueness. All in all i cannot criticise the guys at GF. I cannot wait to return for the next big thing. Personally, I would seriously give the team a call or an email before purchasing from anywhere else.
Thank you Gadget Freakz. You will see me again.

Product Review (submitted: April 5th 2012) by Sach...

Ainol Novo 7 Advanced II
Ainol Novo 7 Advanced II | Android 4.0 - 7" Tablet

Fantastic product and service
Just wanted to say what a great little product this is, anyone looking for a very good tablet at a fantastic price should look no further than this. And the customer service is even better! Thank you GadgetFreakz

Product Review (submitted: March 16th 2012) by Dickens

Ainol Novo 7 Advanced II
Ainol Novo 7 Advanced II | Android 4.0 - 7" Tablet

Amazing value for money, great customer service
Just received this this two days ago and it's not left my side. Considering the £100 price, I was thinking this would make a decent comic/book/movie viewer but it's much better quality than that. The build quality is sturdy, the software included is a bargain, I've yet to see anything this good for less than £200. One quick disclaimer, the 800x480 resolution on a wide screen means rectangular pixels and slightly oval circles. Not obtrusive but recognisable, get the Elf if that's a concern.

Customer service was amazing. It arrived next day within a 1 hour delivery slot. I stupidly updated the firmware without realising it was the official rather than custom firmware and so lost the extras they'd installed. Emailed them at 11:30pm, received a fix at 12:15am. Absolutely fantastic.

Product Review (submitted: March 15th 2012) by Kevin H

Ainol Novo 7 ELF
Ainol Novo 7 Elf | Android 4.0 - 7" Tablet

Buy from Gadgetfreakz
The Elf is spot on, for the price you can't get a better tablet. But do buy it from Gadgetfreaz as the way they set up each tablet is superb!! I was a little worried about having to put market place on as I had read that this can be an issue with Ainol not being on the approved list. But what a great surprise when I turned this tablet on to find that Gadgetfreaz had already done all the hard work, thanks Guys. Brilliant just brilliant.

Product Review (submitted: February 20th 2012) by rob

Onda Vi40
ONDA Vi40 Elite | Android 4.0 - 9.7" IPS Tablet

Great Tablet
I must say that the tablet is quite amazing for the price. It is more than half the price of a Samsung Galaxy Tab and comes with Android 4.0.3, instead of 2.3 for the tab. The 5MP camera is good during the day, but not so good in dim light, but it's expected from an intergrated camera. Front 2MP camera is good in all light. Apps run brilliantly, some do not work very weel yet, but as it's an early version of ICS, you cannot get full support yet. It has great multitasking ability, and you wouldn't notice and lag or difference in performance if you had many apps open in the background. The screen is HD, and HD apps and games work well on it (e.g. Fieldrunners). The screen is responsive and reactions are fast. The screen also has a great viewing angle and is not too bright to read books and bright enough to play in sunlight! Overall, amazing tablet! Company-wise - great! Couldn't be beaten! Best CS I have ever dealt with!

Product Review (submitted: February 8th 2012) by Martin

Ainol Novo 7 Advanced
Ainol Novo 7 Advanced | Android 2.3 - 7" Tablet

Fantastic !!!!!
All i can say is Fantastic product, service and company ! Have recommended 7 friends to also buy this tablet so far and none of them are un happy with it in any way at all. Its so good for the money i am amazed, buy one.

Product Review (submitted: January 30th 2012) by Karl

Onda Vi40
ONDA Vi40 Elite | Android 4.0 - 9.7" IPS Tablet

Excellent Product
Bought this product over the weekend - and I must say it is a very solid and good piece of kit. The screen is brilliant - the colours and blacks are very sharp. The build quality is very solid - and does not look like a cheap Chinese rip off. My only qualm is the Android ICS system currently installed on it...very buggy - coming up with a few error messages and fore closures - looks like i may have to update this to the latest ICS from the site to see how that goes. The service that I recieved from GadgerFreaks was excellent. Very please with the person I dealt with - Thank you. Overall - Great service - great product - and great company. Waiting for them to get the Novo 7 Advanced back in stock as thats next on my list... :) (Posted on 29/01/2012)

Product Review (submitted: January 29th 2012) by LondonKid

Ainol Novo 7 Advanced
Ainol Novo 7 Advanced | Android 2.3 - 7" Tablet

Great tablet, great price, great service!!
My first tablet bought to try out and very impressed. Will certainly consider a 10" one in future. (Posted on 17/11/2011)

Product Review (submitted: December 1st 2011) by Bobo

Ainol Novo 7 Advanced
Ainol Novo 7 Advanced | Android 2.3 - 7" Tablet

Amazing tablet, Amazing price!
I bought this for my girlfriend for xmas just had a quick play around with it beforehand and its great fast and does everything even touch screen is very responsive. Ordered monday came tuesday before 1pm next day would highly recommend. (Posted on 17/11/2011)

Product Review (submitted: November 23rd 2011) by sandylfc

Ainol Novo 7 Advanced
Ainol Novo 7 Advanced | Android 2.3 - 7" Tablet

First a word about gadgetfreakz - used the site to post a question about Novo 7 and got an instant response, follow-up question, instant response. Ordered at 2:16pm, delivered the next day to Edinburgh before noon. You really can't ask much more than that. Really well done guys, brilliant service.

Can't say too much about the tablet but first impressions are really good. It is heavier than you imagine and the build quality looks good. Doesn't feel like it will fall apart. Not so sure about the adapter for the charger but it seems to work!

Screen looks great and touch screen works brilliantly. Had a quick wander through the pre-installed apps and they appear to work brilliantly. With this service and Novo 7 price what are you waiting for? Order now! (Posted on 17/11/2011)

Product Review (submitted: November 17th 2011) by Neil

Ainol Novo 7 Advanced
Ainol Novo 7 Advanced | Android 2.3 - 7" Tablet

Fantastic Tablet, great setup, good value
Having decided to buy a tablet as I have a few long journeys ahead and wanted to watch my own choice of movies, etc, but not pay £400 for an Ipad or similar, found this website by chance when reviewing prices for the M7/C8/Herotab which are all very similar in spec, if not the same tablets! Not the Nova 7 advanced however, fantastic video playback, charging thru usb port, up to 100g lighter than the competition and more. Ordered it Friday and received it Saturday morning, which was unexpected as I thought it would come next working day. Fired it up to find it had all the apps you could want already loaded along with 1.7 firmware giving access to the market should you need more.

Only 2 issues, 1. if you are a new to android the manual is in Chinese, but plenty of support in the forums online, 2. Can't get it off my kids!

In summary

Great Tablet - good build quality, 7 hrs battery life out of the box Great setup out of the box Buy one - or two if you have kids!

Thanks Gadgetfreakz - excellent service and downloads easily accessible on your website should they be required

Product Review (submitted: November 14th 2011) by Martin F

Ainol Novo 8 Advanced
Ainol NOVO 8 | Android 2.2 - 8" Tablet

GadgetFreakz, Great Support
Great little tablet, came with market place, which i was impressed with, as other sites charge for installing. Had a couple of Looser Error issues, which were quickly answered by the support team.

My only complaint is that the touch takes a while to bed in, but this seems the norm.

Product Review (submitted: November 110h 2011) by ReZZa.DH

witstech a91
Witstech A91 | Android 2.3 - 7" Tablet

The Very Best 5 ******
The most helpful company that i have ever dealt with. Nothing is a problem I was helped by Tony who was very patient and helpful

I have also felt so confident in them that i have recommended them onto anybody wanting to purchase a Tablet device

Product Review (submitted: November 4th 2011) by Ian Gallacher

Ainol Novo 7 Advanced
Ainol Novo 7 Advanced Android 2.3 Cortex A8 Capacitive 7" Tablet - Flash 11 G-Sensor 1080p HDMI 8GB

Amazing Value Tablet- Does Everything I Need
In short, the Novo 7 is a fantastic little machine.

I wasn't sure exactly what to expect as I have never owned a tablet before but I am extremely happy with my purchase.

Its fast, lightweight and does everything I need: emails, games, surfing the web and full android market- all for under £130!

Brilliant customer service - I ordered the Novo 7 last Thursday afternoon and received it at 9am the next day. Being new to android devices I was unsure of how to work a few things, one call to GadgetFreakz and all sorted!

Product Review (submitted: November 2nd 2011) by Dean C

Iron Samurai LED Watch
Iron Samurai - Red LED Watch

Love the watches....
My nephews will be rapt...
Thanx Gadget Freakz

Product Review (submitted: October 18th 2011) by Tommygun

Ainol Novo 8 Advanced
Ainol NOVO 8 Android 2.2 Cortex A9 Capacitive 8" Tablet - Flash 10.3 G-Sensor 1080p HDMI 8GB

I had a fantastic experience with Gadget Freakz....
I received my 8" Ainol within 2-3 days....Loving the tablet no problems, when i had a little issue goin on with the keyboard cover, i've sent it back an will be receiving a new one straight away no prob's....

Heard really great things about Gadget Freakz...From mates an all that, so if your thinking of doin business with them.... Go for it!!!!!!

Product Review (submitted: October 18th 2011) by Tommygun

witstech a91
Witstech A91 7" Android 2.3 Cortex A8 Capacitive Tablet - Flash 10.3 Bluetooth G-Sensor

Brillant product and aftersales
Thank you tony at gadgetfreakz for a brilliant tablet a91 I thought this kind of service had gone out of fashion, i got a virus or malware on my a91 nothing worked market would not connect even google was classed as a dangerous site panic stations as i was going away in a couple of days. Sent a email to gadgetfreakz explained my prob and offered to post it to them and pay if they could sort it out, 10 mins later got a phone call from tony at gadgetfreakz who then for an hour talked me through reflashing my tablet. Nervous is not the word but tony step by step talked me through it at his expense as he had phoned me, this service has to be 5 star. Then when we had finished he offered to ring me back in an hour to make sure every thing was all right which he did, by this time it was 8/pm. You cant beat that. Thanks again to this very refreshing company.

Product Review (submitted: September 22nd 2011) by bill

Ainol Novo 8 Advanced
Ainol NOVO 8 Android 2.2 Cortex A9 Capacitive 8" Tablet - Flash 10.3 G-Sensor 1080p HDMI 8GB

Great Tablet, GadgetFreakz Team Very Helpful
Have had this tablet since July and found everything great until after several apps were updated at once found tablet would not switch back on later. Contacted gadgetfreakz team who were very helpful and sent reply email same day which explained how to reflash the firmware and where to obtain the data. this worked and now the tablet even supports 3G Dongles.

Product Review (submitted: September 13th 2011) by problem child

witstech a91
Witstech A91 7" Android 2.3 Cortex A8 Capacitive Tablet - Flash 10.3 Bluetooth G-Sensor

Wits A91 7"
Few minor problems, but with excellent support from GadgetFreakz everything work as it should. My new gadget deserve five stars.

Product Review (submitted: September 11th 2011) by Robert

witstech a91
Witstech A91 7" Android 2.3 Cortex A8 Capacitive Tablet - Flash 10.3 Bluetooth G-Sensor

Good Product shame No GPS
This is an excellent product and great value for money but why oh why didn't witstech include the GPS that the A81E has as standard.

Product Review (submitted: September 3rd 2011) by Flickers

witstech a91
Witstech A91 7" Android 2.3 Cortex A8 Capacitive Tablet - Flash 10.3 Bluetooth G-Sensor

witstech A91 7" tablet
value for money product. not tied to apple itunes, tons of free apps. has flash player which ipad does not have. helpful polite staff. will definitely use their services again.

Product Review (submitted: September 2nd 2011) by brass

witstech a81g capacitive
Witstech A81G 7 Inch Android 2.2 Cortex A8 Capacitive Tablet - Flash 10.1 GPS Bluetooth G-Sensor

Totally Positive
After sales service is personal and second to none. I have never had a service anywhere near this standard and would recommend it to everybody. Thanks for the extra help with the other company.

Product Review (submitted: July 18th 2011) by TAFFP

witstech a81g capacitive
Witstech A81G 7 Inch Android 2.2 Cortex A8 Capacitive Tablet - Flash 10.1 GPS Bluetooth G-Sensor

Fantastic Service
I would recommend GadgetFreakz to anyone. They shipped the unit to me next day without extra charge so I could get it on Saturday. When it had problems they responded immediately to my emails, and telephoned me. The unit was returned and a new one sent out next day. I bought the A81G as toy but found it very useful. I now only use the main computer when I have lots of work to do. I use the tablet to check the news, emails, blogs etc. Thoroughly recommended.

Product Review (submitted: July 2nd 2011) by Gifford

M7 Tablet PC
M7+ Android 2.2 Samsung PV210 Cortex A8 Capacitive 7 Inch Tablet - Flash 10.1 G-Sensor 1080p HDMI

Best in its price range
I have been researching an entry level Android tablet for some time, but have been unable to find a good quality Android 2.2 tablet with a Capacitive screen, Flash 10.1 support and HDMI out for under £200. I also wanted a UK supplier in case there were any problems.

The website says guaranteed next day delivery if you order before 2pm. Well I ordered after 3pm and it still arrived the next day, which I was very pleasantly surprised by.

It isn't the prettiest tablet on the market but its performance and storage size are incredibly good value for the price. Everything works out of the box, it comes preinstalled with the full Android Marketplace and an HDMI out cable.

Overall, very happy with my purchase and choice of supplier.

Product Review (submitted: June 20th 2011) by J

M7 Tablet PC
M7+ Android 2.2 Samsung PV210 Cortex A8 Capacitive 7 Inch Tablet - Flash 10.1 G-Sensor 1080p HDMI

Decent tablet for the price, backed up with good customer service
Nearly bought an earlier model from another site, but once I saw the M7+ this was the one for me. New to Android, so it's been a bit of a learning curve, but the screen is excellent and responsive, reminding me favourably of my iPod touch, while the tablet itself seems fast enough. Certainly threatens to replace my iPod touch, and will be far easier to take away with me instead of my bulky laptop thanks to the case/keyboard I bought with it.

I have had one problem with it since purchase - having had to flash it a few times, I suddenly came up against what seemed an insurmountable problem with the internal SD card corrupting. The card itself was fine, but needed to be removed and formatted in a computer. That involved taking the back off the tablet which - once I'd talked to Gadget Freakz customer support - I was happy to do myself as I was assured it wouldn't affect the warranty (but I would suggest anyone in the same position speak to them first to confirm this will be the case for them). Their support sent me two YouTube videos to follow, and I was able to remove the back without damaging it. Once inside, accessing the SD card was quick and easy, formatting it equally as quick (all the data was still on the card and accessible, so I was able to back it up first), and once it - and the the tablet - was back in place, it reflashed with no further problems. At least if it happens again I'll know what to do, and thanks to the support team for steering me to the correct solution.

Overall, good purchase. Very pleased with it, and despite the problems I've faced, am more than happy to recommend it to others.

Product Review (submitted: June 18th 2011) by Nick Peers

witstech a81g capacitive
Witstech A81G 7 Inch Android 2.2 Cortex A8 Capacitive Tablet - Flash 10.1 GPS Bluetooth G-Sensor

Quite good for it's price
My first impressions was not so good after I got the device - GPS wasn't working, but with GadgetFreakz help and firmware update now it's finally working. Anyway signal is very weak (at least here in Latvia) compering to any navigation device, therefore it is hard to use it as navigator. My device has faulty battery, but good guys from GadgetFreakz replaced it with a new one. Excellent service!!!!!

After few months use - I start to love it. Battery life is average (+/- 3 hours with WiFi on, display on 30%) but good thing is that you could always have a spare one in the pocket. It has no camera and no microphone so it couldn't be used for skype conversations, but you could always just send a messages. I tested lot of Android apps - so far few minor flaws with system stability. A bit jumpy video with RockPlayer, some incompatibilities with HD formats, but overall quite good for it's price.

Product Review (submitted: June 11th 2011) by KL

M7 Tablet PC
M7+ Android 2.2 Samsung PV210 Cortex A8 Capacitive 7 Inch Tablet - Flash 10.1 G-Sensor 1080p HDMI

Worth it
Got mine this morning and have been playing around with it. Setting it up and what not. Thought i would share my thoughts on the device.

I have been looking at these tablets for about a week now, and I decided to take a gamble and buy one. I have been rather pleased with it so far. The capacitive screen is very responsive and the unit reacts nice and fast. build quality feels sturdy and its actually lighter than I thought it would feel.

Let me make a couple of things clear though. Its not an Ipad, so dont expect an Ipad. This device will cost you £180 which is less than half the price. However, that said. It is worth every penny. It has good access to the android market and apps install without problem.

It runs 3D games perfectly from what I have tried out. Need for speed ran effortlessly on it. Some of the high end games will not be apparent right away on the market as they are designed for specific devices, and this build may not be supported, but that does not mean you cant get them. I play pocket legends on my experia play. It does not appear on the market for this device, but the APK can be downloaded and installed direct on the developers web site no problem. It also runs a dream. I will be playing it on this from now on.

Web Browsing is perfect. sites load quick and flash runs smooth. Wifi connection is also not a problem. I can take it anywhere in my house and it does not loose connection.

Battery life is as expected. It wont last all day with constant use, but I dont know of any android device in existence that will. That said, you are probably not going to be constantly using it all day none stop, so it really is not an issue.

All in all, this is a great entry level android tab that gives alot of bang for buck. I would recommend it to any body that wants a tab for casual use out the box. If you want to get into modifying the firmware there are plenty of places on the internet that have guides for this device. You may also get alot more out of it if you go this route. You dont have to, as I said, It works fine out the box. So well in fact, that I will be buying a second one for my girlfriend.

Product Review (submitted: June 8th 2011) by allizzar

M7 Tablet PC
M7+ Android 2.2 Samsung PV210 Cortex A8 Capacitive 7 Inch Tablet - Flash 10.1 G-Sensor 1080p HDMI

Spot on
Researched this for a week.. 7" capacitive screen, 1 GHz chip, 512 MB ram, 8 GB memory,best value with these features. Android 2.2 (phone software) is quick and intuitive. Plays and streams video IN 1080 HD.

Sound is a bit naff through the speakers though better with head phones.

I love it and so do all my friends. I'm 51 years old.

Even plays engaging games. Streams news. Gets email (dead easy to set up). Has replaced my Kindle. Battery life good. Service from these fellas at Gadget Freaks did as they said (next day deliver) compare the specs with devices twice the price

Product Review (submitted: June 6th 2011) by Timbovanvolvo

M7 Tablet PC

M7+ Android 2.2 Samsung PV210 Cortex A8 Capacitive 7 Inch Tablet - Flash 10.1 G-Sensor 1080p HDMI

I have had this Tablet for about 3 weeks now and I have been finding my way around it and the ANDROID SYSTEM, it is ready to use out of the box with lots of programmes already installed.

The build quality is very good it is of a solid construction of metal and glass ( no cheap plastics) all the buttons are positive to use and are well laid out, as for the hardware & software it is of top spec for it's price range and it represents very good value,

NOW! the icing on the cake is the superb pre & aftersales service from GADGETFREAKZ, they provide an unbelievable service even before you purchase they are quite prepared to spend time assisting you with your requirements.

I have bought dozens of electronic items from the Internet over the years from various companies and I have never come across service that comes anywhere near that provided by GADGETFREAKZ, it was a major factor that made my decision to buy from them very easy.

I highly recommend this product , and in particular the staff at GADGETFREAKZ.

T.Arnold ( a very delighted purchaser )

Product Review (submitted: June 28th 2011) by Arnie

witstech a81g capacitive
Witstech A81G 7 Inch Android 2.2 Cortex A8 Capacitive Tablet - Flash 10.1 GPS Bluetooth G-Sensor

Not a bad device, Great after sales
A good device for the price. The best bit is the fantastic after sale support by Gadget Freaks. They respond very quickly and it is easy to see they value their customers.

Product Review (submitted: April 23rd 2011) by Kevkonockout

witstech a81g capacitive
Witstech A81G 7 Inch Android 2.2 Cortex A8 Capacitive Tablet - Flash 10.1 GPS Bluetooth G-Sensor

Everyone needs one...
I received my Witstech capacitive this morning and - what a device!

I've used Android devices in the past, and found them rather plasticky and not well made. The Witstech is solid and looks and feels far more expensive than it is. Android 2.2 is amazingly better than the 1.6 I'd used before.

Having a minor problem with connecting to the Android Market, I phoned Gadgetfreakz, who couldn't have been more helpful, even phoning me back to save my phone bill, and phoning me one last time to advise on battery charging time. This is proper customer service - Thanks, Gadgetfreakz.

I recommend this device to everyone - in fact, everyone should have one!

Product Review (submitted: April 1st 2011) by john-m

M7 Tablet PC
M7 Android 2.2 Samsung PV210 Cortex A8 Capacitive 7 Inch Tablet - Flash 10.1 G-Sensor 1080p HDMI

Excellent value for money
I was looking for a tablet that was portable and yet provided me with enough power to run the latest games and play high res movies - the M7 did exactly that. The service from gadgetfreakz was second to none, delivery was fast and the links on this site provide me with everything I needed to get started.

The tablet came already flashed with the latest firmware update (01 mar 2011) which saved me the trouble of doing it myself!

Flash worked well enough on dolphin browser, and general internet browsing is quite pleasant, speedy and responsive. I'm actually writing this review on the Haipad M7! I've only had owned this for a couple days so far, I think its a superb piece of hardware, however there a few minor (in my opinion) drawbacks:

- the charging lead's a bit too short so using it whilst on charge can be tedious.
- at times the screen touch responsiveness can be jumpy which only happens whilst on charge (not sure if this happens to other capacitive devices).

Apart from that, I think I will purchase a 3G wifi hotspot dongle which should make this device a perfect travel companion. Been good for ebooks too! An excellent choice for the money!

Product Review (submitted: March 27th 2011) by S Ung

witstech a81g capacitive
Witstech A81G 7 Inch Android 2.2 Cortex A8 Capacitive Tablet - Flash 10.1 GPS Bluetooth G-Sensor

Thank You
Thank you for a great product WITSTECH A81G with capacitive touch screen. I'm really enjoying this tablet very much. I use it for for reading , emails and games and surfing the makes my daily commute fly by. It will also come in handy to keep the kids occupied [ and me sane ] on long car and train journeys over the summer.

I had a few queries with setting the device up and with emails too and I must say the customer service was fantastic . I was called back straight away, emailed straight away and even talked through set up at 7 pm in the evening too.

Well done Gadget Freakz - a 5 plus star service !!

Product Review (submitted: March 25th 2011) by Mandy

witstech a81g capacitive
Witstech A81G 7 Inch Android 2.2 Cortex A8 Capacitive Tablet - Flash 10.1 GPS Bluetooth G-Sensor

An amazing array of possibilities in a small case, backed up with excellent service
After much heart-searching, and review reading, i ordered the A81 G, with capacitative screen from Gadget Freakz on 16th March. I received it, as promised, by guaranteed free next day delivery, the next day. This is particularly impressive as I live in the heart of the Highlands. Many suppliers use this as an excuse to add several days to the delivery time, and, often a high carriage cost.

I am very much enjoying finding my way round the tablet. This is my first experience of anything like it and i have found it intuitive and fun. A minor problem with wifi connection was solved with the patient, most courteous and prompt help of a member of the staff at GadgetFreakz. I e-mailed my request at 7.15pm and received a reply at 17.27pm, followed up by a telephone call at their expense to talk me through the problem. Could not praise them highly enough.

As a first-time user of a tablet at the age of 70 I appreciate this level of help - and courtesy!

Product Review (submitted: March 22nd 2011) by JanetD

M7 Tablet PC

M7 Android 2.2 Samsung PV210 Cortex A8 Capacitive 7 Inch Tablet - Flash 10.1 G-Sensor 1080p HDMI

First off I'd like to say I was incredibly impressed with the device itself and equally the service from Gadgetfreakz, both the speed of delivery and aftersales.

I've been the owner of a Haipad M701 2GB (Telechips ARM11) tablet for a few months now (which I still use and love) and decided to buy the M7 ARM Cortex A8 Samsung based tablet as a present

Specification wise this is a device that has a lot under the hood and hard to beat for the price. 3D hardware accellerated gaming, Adobe Flash 10.1, HDMI output, (1080p no less), MicroSDcard support up to 32GB, Wireless, USB support, hi colour genuine 2 point multitouch capacitive screen, Internet browsing, webcam, accellerometer/G-sensor, Android Market access. It even comes with an impressive selection of games and apps.

Pinch to zoom and other multitouch gestures are incredibly smooth and quick, making browsing easy, and photo viewing a breeze. (Do youself a favour and purchase a class 4 or even class 6 MicroSDcard - photos and documents benefit from the transfer faster speeds).

It plays flash and games very well, HD video quality is amazing and the capacitive screen is a pleasure to use. Using the powerful SGX540 embedded 3D graphics chip (the Apple IPad uses a modified version of the same), it runs 3D games just as well as other better known tablets, and it's under half the price with almost the same spec . Providing you aren't looking for a top notch built in camera or built in 3G, it's is great. (Note you can use some 3G external dongles although it's a bit of trial and error to get one compatible).

The android OS is growing in popularity and regular firmwares will be rolled out, although my advice is from experience, for the moment leave the stock firmware as is. Certainly this Froyo 2.2 runs well and I've gotten 4-5hrs of intensive use battery life out of it.

It's worth mentioning there was initially, upon receiving the tablet, a couple of small discrepancies in the specification, which wasn't directly GadgetFreakz' fault, but nevertheless they rectified said errors on their site quickly and apologised, compensating me with a most welcome token gesture.

Furthermoore the aftersales support is very prompt and very helpful, often going above and beyond what one might expect. I would certainly have no hesitation if purchasing from them again. One last thing - the power supply unfortunately died on me last week - I emailed and asked for a replacement under warranty, and one was put in the post for free the same day!

All in all a good experience and a fantastic tablet for the money

Product Review (submitted: March 22nd 2011) by DanN

witstech a81g
Witstech A81G 7" Android 2.2 Tablet PC - Flash 10.1 GPS WIFI Bluetooth Gravity Sensor

The tablet is great - delivered next day as promised, but more importantly the customer service is second to none. We have never received anything like it before. Technical support -fantastic. We can not more strongly recommend that if Gadget Freakz sell it - buy from them. You will not believe the service you receive. Thank you Gadget Freakz.

Product Review (submitted: February 8th 2011) by Debbie

witstech a81g
Witstech A81G 7" Android 2.2 Tablet PC - Flash 10.1 GPS WIFI Bluetooth Gravity Sensor

Fantastic value and 1st class service
Other reviewers have said it all. There are some things that could be improved on the product itself, but they are minor - the layout of the buttons could be slightly better for ham-fisted right handers like me for example - but all in all it's a great gadget. I've actually decided that I no longer need the laptop !

As for GadgetFreakz, they can't be faulted. They respond immediately to any queries and they send things when they say they're going to, recorded delivery ! Beat that Amazon !

Product Review (submitted: February 4th 2011) by John A

witstech a81g
Witstech A81G 7" Android 2.2 Tablet PC - Flash 10.1 GPS WIFI Bluetooth Gravity Sensor

The build quality on this unit is excellent For a resistive touch screen it is very responsive. The android firmware is excellent, the market is fully operational, comes pre loaded with some very useful applications.

I strongly recommend you buy from these guys if you are considering buying a tablet as the customer service and technical support i have received is fantastic and to a level you do not receive from larger companies. Delivery was next day as promised. overall very good backup for a very good product..

Product Review (submitted: January 20th 2011) by humphreys

Android 2.1 Telechips Tablet PC 2GB HDMI

Excellent build quality - Great Service
The build quality on this unit is excellent compared to all the other android tablets i have tried. For a resistive touch screen it is very responsive and is not a chore to use like some resistive screens. The custom android firmware is excellent, the market is fully operational and all of the apps i have tried so far have worked without flaw.

I must mention the admirable service received from GadgetFreakz. I previously bought a cheaper model from them but decided i was not happy with it. They exchanged the device without quibble for this one and made no fuss about it at all.

I strongly recommend you buy from these guys if you are considering buying an android tablet as they offer excellent service and do not mess you about. Delivery was next day as promised. Buying these devices can be a bit of a minefield with all the different models If you want peace of mind and excellent service, talk to these guys and they will sort you out.

Product Review (submitted: November 3rd 2010) by Dan

witstech a81g
Witstech A81E 7" Android 2.2 Cortex A8 Tablet PC - Flash 10.1 GPS WIFI Bluetooth

Well worth the money
I upgraded from a cheap 7" 2.1 tablet which was fine but lacked flash of course. This one is very good for the money. It works well for browsing and email, fast navigation, finds wifi quickly, getting good reception. The screen works as well as you would expect from a resistive device. I am not at all disappointed. Shame it does not have a camera, but for under £200 you can't expect everything. I have a smartphone and a netbook, so for me this fits the bill; a 10" tablet is not so easy to carry - it won't fit in a pocket - and a phone it too small to browse on for long. I downloaded Quick Office and installed it without a hitch. Over all, I am quite happy with my purchase.

Product Review (submitted: November 24th 2011) by Geoff T

HD Spy Watch
4GB Waterproof HD Spy Watch DVR

Excellent product
So far so good! I wear the watch every day. Had it for a couple of weeks now and it seems durable, nothing has broken or fallen off. I use the video/voice recorder functions often in the course of my job (debt collection agent) to protect myself from false allegations and to ensure that all my customer transactions are done legally and properly. So far the watch has been 100% reliable in recording, downloads and playback. It's also a decent watch, keeping good time so far. I have seen this watch for sale elsewhere on the internet for over £350!!!

Product Review (submitted: October 12th 2010) by Duncan

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